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10 Best Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

10 Best Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

There are lots of ways to lose weight; some people try to control the food they eat,  Some try different exercises. But, There are some drinks that help you lose weight. Because, it’s not only the food that you eat causes weight gain, but you have to be cautious what you drink. We think the energy drinks and fruit juices are healthy and good for our body, many of them have added sugars which cause weight gain.

So it’s very important to consume drinks which are less in calories and boost your metabolism, if you really want to lose weight.

Here is The List of Some Top Drinks That Help You Lose Weight-

1.Vegetable Juices:

Vegetable Juices are really very helpful in losing weight. Eating raw vegetables high in fiber, helps in weight loss. But, By drinking vegetable juices, you will feel fuller easily. You will also get all the required fibers and nutrients from the vegetable juices.

Fresh fiber rich vegetable juices will easily fill your stomach and it will reduce food craving.


Water is a natural drink which not only healthy but works for many ailments. It is the well known weight loss drink. It is very critical for you to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water each day. Water flush out all the toxins in your body in the form of Urine. It also helps your body to remain hydrated at all times.

It is believed that hot water with lime and honey is more effective to burn more calories and fat deposits.

3.Grape Juice:

Grape juice is loaded with Vitamin C and helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. Grape Juice is an excellent detoxifier and is very effective for the liver.

To extract grape juice, just take a small bunch of grapes, wash it thoroughly and then blend them in a blender.

Grape juice will help you lose weight if you drink it everyday during breakfast.

4.Green Tea:

Green Tea is one of the best and most effective drinks in weight loss. It can help you reduce the excess weight effectively. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and also boost your metabolism.  you can drink it hot or chilled as per your taste but do not add sugar to it, you can add little honey if you want.

5.Skimmed Milk:

Skimmed milk is also an amazing drink if you want to reduce the weight. As most of the fat contents are removed in skimmed milk so it prevents the addition of calories to your body.

It is important to use skimmed milk with less than 1% fat to receive maximum benefits out of it. Calcium enriched skimmed milk keeps the bones strong and it also helps to speed up the fat break down process in the body thus helps in weight loss.

6.Yogurt Smoothies:

Yogurt is very rich in calcium and is very effective in weight loss. Yogurt has some properties of burning excess fat easily and it helps your body to lower the fat production.

Just add about half a cup of yogurt in any smoothie you like and blend it in a mixer. Drink this smoothie once or twice a day to reduce fat.

7.Coconut Water:

Coconut water is one of the most natural and energized drinks on earth. It is very effective in boosting your body metabolism. Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes which help reducing weight.

Drinking one or two glasses of coconut water each day will provide all the essential energy boost that you require for the whole day. Coconut water is also very much effective in flushing out all the toxins created in your body.

8.Soy Protein:

Protein is very effective ingredient that helps in reducing body fat. Soy protein is high in protein and less in carbohydrate which help in boosting the metabolism of the body.

So buy an Organic and Natural Soy Protein Powder and make your favorite smoothie or shake. You can add it in mango or banana shake and it goes well with lassi (Made from Curd or butter milk).

9.Cranberry Juice:

Fresh Cranberry Juice helps in weight loss. Cranberry juice is loaded with antioxidants which help to remove free radicals in our body which are the reason of cell damage. Cranberry Juice has organic acids which help to dissolve the fat and remove it from the body.

10.Black Coffee:

Black Coffee is also to be believed a very effective drink that helps in reducing weight. It’s a nice drink that helps in boosting the metabolism of the body as it increases the temperature easily. Taking two cups of black coffee without adding sugar helps in reducing excess body weight.

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